Digital Innovation

Subsurface 3D Modelling

The very nature of Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental investigation involves the collection of and understanding of information in three dimensions. This is then often reported in only two, either as text, birds eye drawings or a combination of the two. This often means that information can be lost in translation, is more difficult to absorb and become overwhelming, leading to data loss and mistakes. Our subsurface modelling service aims to reduce this headache through the representation of collected data and its interpretation by experienced geologists in three dimensions.


Our service provides two main styles of output:

  1. Exaggerated 3D block models

These models utilise vertical exaggeration of the strata thickness below your site to allow fast absorption of the represented data. This can be the spatial setting of contamination hotspots, the expected groundwater levels or geotechnical information such as areas of high volume change, soft spots and the thickness spatially across the site.

(Often provided as a web hosted platform – allowing the creation of live cross sections, isolation of features and interrogation of the interpretation.)

  1. True scale 3D models

These models are georeferenced and plotted at true scale for incorporation into your design process. Allowing your design team to visually identify the depths of suitable founding strata, calculate with greater certainty the volumes of contaminated material to be removed and easily spot potential design clashes. These models are provided as a combination of tin surfaces allowing their inclusion into your design plan.

(Provided as .dwg  plans capable of incorporation in to the majority of CAD based software.)

When combined these new services allow for the creation of a fully interactive digital block model of your site, illustrating the ground conditions directly under the 3D terrain above. This allows for the easy digestion of the characteristics of your site and professional way to illustrate this to investors, designers and regulators.

Subsurface 3d modelling and aerial surveying video

Aerial Surveying

Furthering our knowledge of the ground we have taken to the skies with our in house Aerial surveys. Through the utilisation of fully licensed pilots, industry leading software and the latest drone technology we are able to offer robust, geolocated and scaled 3D textured models of your site.

The data captured within a typical aerial mission can be utilised for creation of topographical survey drawings and models, rapid volumetric calculations, project tracking and management, condition surveys and also marketing imagery of your site.