Aerial Surveying & 3D Modelling

Whether you are an architect, engineer, site manager or developer, the more information and insight you have at your fingertips the better. Traditionally, you’d think that there must be a trade-off between cost and gathering information. However, technology is changing this.

With our aerial survey & 3D modelling service, we can now quickly provide you with all the insight and information you need - and for better value than traditional surveying methods.

We use drones and sophisticated modelling software to gather, interrogate and interpret millions of data points, and our service can be used for a variety of value-added reasons.

Benefits of aerial surveys

There are many benefits to aerial surveys especially when compared to the traditional method of surveyors on-site with GPS staffs and total stations.

How our aerial survey and 3D modelling service works

When you contact us about an aerial survey, we will first talk to you to understand your site and what you are trying to achieve. During this, we will share what is possible, the costs and answer any questions that you have.

Once you are ready to proceed, we will calculate the flight plans and parameters prior to arrival on site. Our engineers will then go to your location, set themselves up and conduct the aerial survey using our advanced drones which capture a series of high-quality images.

Our expert in-house team will then use the powerful PIX4D software to stitch the images together and create a dense point cloud which is used to generate highly accurate and interrogatable 3D textured meshes, 2D orthomosaic maps and a range of other models. We share these with you through our secure online portal. You can use them yourself for site and project monitoring and present relevant data and images to other stakeholders in your project.

Why choose us for your development site?

It's rare that a geo consultancy offers this 3D modelling and aerial surveying service. It means that rather than simply offering drone experts, our survey teams are led by qualified engineers. They appreciate the bigger picture and are ideally placed to model, interpret and report on captured site data. You get a complete package hard to rival by any other firm.

To find out more, simply call us or send us a message via email or our contact form. We will help you understand how we can assist and answer any questions that you have.

Contact us for more!

Technology moves fast – and drones and 3D digital visualisation techniques are some of the latest advances. Quick… easy… and with greater accuracy guaranteed – discover the benefits of taking to the skies. Connect with us to find out more.

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