Remediation & Earthworks

Our experienced engineers regularly deliver bulk earthworks, remedial works and other groundworks, often after having been involved at the initial planning and design stage.

In many instances, we act as a lead contractor and single point of contact for a range of works, but we’re equally happy working as a specialist in a larger team to resolve a particular issue.

What you can expect

Having identified the in-ground risks, we understand you want a reliable contractor who can deliver your plans on time and to budget so that you can press on with your project.

Unlike other contractors, our engineering expertise means should an issue arise we can help you quickly identify and implement a solution that ensures you stay on track.

We are experts in helping clients realise plans that seek to prevent waste and maximise the re-use of site-won material so as to cut cost and minimise their environmental impact.

Earthwork services

We are pleased to offer the following services:

  • On-site bulk earthmoving and regrading (cut and fill)
  • Bulk excavation, handling and off-site disposal of inert, non hazardous and hazardous wastes
  • Re-engineering of on-site materials including engineered re-compaction of materials to a site specific highway authority based design specification
  • Crushing, segregation and screening
  • Demolition using specialist contractors
  • Topographic survey control

Remediation of contaminated soils

Our team can help you quickly deal with contaminated soil issues using techniques such as:

Remediation of controlled waters

Soil contaminants can easily leak into nearby ground or surface water. The approach to clean will depend on the contaminants present however the techniques below illustrate some of the options available.

Contact us for more!

When budgets are tight and deadlines are looming, the last thing you need is further delays. We understand, and where remediation or earthwork are required, we can help you implement a fully compliant, cost-effective strategy as quickly as possible. So, how can we help? Let us know when we connect.

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