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Geotechnical Consultancy

Geotechnical engineering is the area of civil engineering that deals with the properties and behaviour of soil and rock, and geotechnical analysis and design is an essential part of any project alongside related geo-environmental considerations.

Our geotechnical consultancy services build on the work done as part of an initial desk top study, reflecting the fact that a geotechnical investigation is an iterative process.

The latest ground investigation techniques are used to gather accurate, up-to-date data which is then interpreted by our experienced engineers to model subsurface conditions and make appropriate recommendations.

What you can expect

We understand that uncertainty regarding the distribution and behaviour of the soil and rock beneath your site, along with other related land quality issues, are among the biggest risks to your project.

Our consultancy services deliver value by helping you understand and cost-effectively manage the risk from the in-ground conditions reducing the impact of unforeseen problems and costs later in your project.

We are tech savvy, deploying the latest technologies and techniques where appropriate, and you can involve us at every relevant stage from the start of your project, or bring us in to provide advice on a specific issue part way through.

Every report we produce is bespoke, and generally includes insights based upon detailed exploratory logs and other results from site investigation and laboratory testing. Our findings will inform design parameters and other recommendations for your projects.

A highlight of our service is the emphasis we place on clear communication. Whether you have an engineering or commercial background, we communicate in plain English to ensure that you and the people you work with fully understand our findings.

Geotechnical Consultancy Services

We offer a wide range of geotechnical consultancy services, including:

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Quickly identifying and addressing in-ground risks is our top priority. It’s just one of many ways we strive to be the best geo-environmental business you’ve ever worked with! Discover the rest when we connect.

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