Geo-Environmental Services

Your business needs to be supported by trustworthy, reliable and commercially informed advice.   

We have the experience, resource and capability to organise and undertake a broad range of geo-environmental investigations and have completed consultancy works ranging in value from £1000 to £100,000  dealing with a varied range of land quality issues as detailed in the case studies below.

To assist you we are pleased to offer a wide range of geo-environmental services including the following:

  • Free site appraisals – For prospective development sites comprising a preliminary one page summary review of site geology and environmental setting using available online information sources with indicative commentary upon in ground design considerations.
  • Desk study reports – A preliminary report collating currently available relevant information which utilise freely available and purchased environmental and historic data sources in addition to site walkover  and inspection data to prepare an initial characterisation of the historical background, environmental and geotechnical setting for prospective development sites.
  • Ground investigation and reporting services – Commonly these tend to be combined geo-technical and geo-environmental investigations which also include the desk study searches above as this maximises the effectiveness of up front fee expenditure for our clients and saves time.  In addition to evaluating conventional geotechnical aspects including infiltration testing, road and foundation design these reports routinely include contamination assessments, gas risk assessments, controlled waters risk assessments, buried water supply pipework evaluations and waste classification.
  • CL:AIRE: Definition of waste code of practice – T&P are experienced in the use of this approach and aim to ensure that any brownfield development minimises disposal to landfill and maximises re-use of arisings and site-won materials via the creation and use of a materials management plan to orchestrate this process.
  • Quantitative human health risk assessment – These are specific evaluations which can be used to demonstrate under the right circumstances that potentially contaminative substances can remain in soils at higher concentrations than published generic assessment criteria and in doing so avoid/reduce the need for associated remediation in sensitive areas achieving the dual aims of benefiting the environment and avoiding unnecessary cost expenditure.
  • Remedial evaluation and design – Based upon the data obtained from our own site investigation works or from third party data we can design an appropriate remedial strategy to make the site suitable for the proposed development. We will use our specialist skills in site characterisation, investigation and risk assessment in addition to our knowledge of available remedial techniques to provide an achievable cost effective solution which reflects the nature of the proposed development.  We also have the ability to undertake the remedial works if required as part of our contracting arm.
  • Site verification – We routinely undertake on site verification works varying from long term surface/groundwater monitoring to capping thickness/chemical soil quality checks and gas barrier verification to independently demonstrate that the as designed remedial works have been successful.