Ground Investigation Methods

To effectively characterise and understand a site it is often necessary to use an integrated approach which adopts some or all of the general investigation methods presented below.  Across a large number of sites fairly simple techniques using traditional mechanical trial pit excavation supplemented by windlowless sampler or cable percussive drilling works is commonly sufficient, however on some occasions a more sophisticated approach is necessary.

We have used a varied range of investigation methods derived from the list presented below during the lifetime of the business and new approaches are slowly being developed.  For those who are unfamiliar with ground investigation methods the photographs below will help to illustrate the basic techniques.

Rotary Percussive/Open Hole drilling works


Mechanical trial pit excavation works.

JCB with pecker 2

Windowless sample drilling rig (mast lowered)

window sampler sitting in a garden

Cable Percussive drilling works

shell & auger