Geotechnical Services

Your business needs to be supported by trustworthy, reliable and commercially informed advice. 

Understanding and interpreting how the distribution and behavior of the soil and rock beneath our feet may affect you is the cornerstone of geotechnics in an engineering/redevelopment context.  It along with related land quality issues is also one of the biggest areas of relative uncertainty and risk to a potential developer.

We are highly adept at investigation and characterisation of the soils and rocks which is key to understanding the relative uncertainties and ground related risks.   We place additional emphasis and effort in communicating the issues clearly and regularly to provide you with the guidance to make the most effective and informed decisions upon the approach to site redevelopment based upon your requirements.

To assist you we are pleased to offer a wide range of geo-technical services including the following:

  • Free site appraisals – For prospective development sites comprising a preliminary one page summary review of site geology and geotechnical setting using available online information sources with indicative commentary upon in ground design considerations.
  • Desk study reports – A preliminary report collating currently available relevant information which utilise freely available and purchased environmental and historic data sources in addition to site walkover  and inspection data to prepare an initial characterisation of the historical background, environmental and geotechnical setting for prospective development sites.
  • Ground investigation and reporting services – Commonly these tend to be combined geotechnical and geo-environmental investigations which also include the desk study searches above as this maximises the effectiveness of up front fee expenditure for our clients and saves time. In addition to dealing with conventional land quality aspects including soil, water and gas contamination, geotechnical aspects including infiltration testing, road and foundation design, soil shrinkage/heave and concrete design aspects.
  • Large Scale Geo-technical and Geo-environmental Investigation Contracting – Working with external Civil Engineering businesses to execute large scale ongoing investigations including geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring.
  • Foundation type evaluation – These are site specific evaluations which using available ground investigation data can be used to inform anticipated foundation types across a proposed development area presented upon a zonal foundation plan using the proposed site layout.  
  • Earthworks assessment and evaluation – Based upon the data obtained from our own site investigation works or from third party data we can design an appropriate earthworks specification to enable re-use of natural site won soils across the development if required.  Where re-use of potentially contaminated soils are envisaged this can be done in association with a CL:AIRE materials management plan
  • Slope stability – Using data obtained from our own site investigation works allied to state of the art software we are able to prepare detailed slope stability assessments to assist in informing development design and costings.
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessments – Using geological and archive data we are able to advise upon potential coal mining related risks and impacts upon existing properties for sale/mortgage purposes or larger scale new developments.