One Stop Integrated Site Clean Up

T&P have completed a diverse range of integrated remedial contracting projects which range in value from £15,000 to £700,000 since our incorporation in 2002 including the following:

  • Bioremediation of diesel impacted gravels using the CLAIRE Definition of Waste Code of Practice. (Value £40,000).
  • Demolition, excavation and disposal of grossly impacted hydrocrabon impacted soils, groundwater remediation using enhanced in situ treatment methods. (Value £345,000).
  • Excavation, minimisation/segregation and disposal with replacement on site using the CL:AIRE: Definition of Waste Code of Practice to allow re-use in less sensitive site areas. (Value £90,000)
  • Excavation, screening, minimisation and waste reclassification prior to offsite disposal. (Value £193,000)
  • Ex-situ groundwater clean up using a simple pump and treat system. (£35,000)

In 2014-15 T&P completed contracting works with an aggregate value of £300,000.  Please see our case studies to make your own judgement upon our success and competency!

We have spoken to a number of clients to determine how they prefer to approach the uncertainties of managing site clean up and there is a fairly even split between those who prefer to commission individual contractors to undertake the different parts of the remediation and manage their interaction in house to deliver the desired results, whilst others prefer to place all of the related activities under the control of one external remediation company to ensure a single point of contact and responsibility.

There is no definitive answer to ensure best value and the relative complexity of site clean up will normally play an important role in decision making and where there is potential for uncertainty over the interaction of different clean up approaches and who is responsible for what (e.g groundwater clean up vs soil removal/treatment) it may be advantageous to place the responsibility and ownership in one place if insufficient house experience is available to manage the process.

Our aim is to be the best geo-environmental business you have ever worked with and therefore to inform your choice T&P will work with you to help you determine what is best for your business whether that be an integrated approach managed by you or a lump sum contract managed by us/others.