Drone Surveys for House Builders & Developers

Materials Measurement & Volumetric Calculations Made Easy

Accurate volumetric calculations are an intrinsic part of calculating cut and fill requirements, good stockpile management and many other elements of the construction process.

Our specialist drone survey team offers you a quick, cost-effective yet highly accurate way to do these important calculations which play a fundamental role in any development project.

Everything was done professionally and quickly, and the survey information we received at the end of the day was of the highest quality and accuracy. The online 3D model was brilliant. Cannot recommend enough. Mike Childs – Senior Site Manager – Acheson Construction.

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The Project Manager’s Best Friend

Being a project manager is not easy. Drone surveys give you cost-effective access to models and surveys that make it simple to monitor progress, accurately measure and track soil movements, and share information with staff, subcontractors and other stakeholders, enabling improved cost management of earthworks.

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Why Choose a T&P Regen Drone Survey?

Rapid Data Collection

Drone surveys enable the rapid and cost-effective collection of on-site data.

Set-up time is minimal as flight plans and parameters are calculated before arrival on-site, and a drone can quickly cover large areas. In contrast, traditional methods involve surveyors traversing a site using tools such as GPS staffs and Total Stations with accompanying health and safety risks.

Using the latest drones, our survey team was able to cover a 50 hectare site in Gloucestershire in just a day, and it is often possible to do a small stockpile survey in a little over an hour.

Highly Accurate Reporting & Calculations

Drone surveys deliver greater levels of relative accuracy in comparison to traditional survey methods.

Our expert, in-house team uses the industry-leading PIX4D photogrammetry software to convert the images captured on-site into millions of data points compared to the hundreds of data points typically captured by traditional survey methods.

This dense point cloud is then used to generate highly accurate and interrogatable 3D textured meshes, 2D orthomosaic maps and other models that can be shared with you through our online portal.

Unlike other teams, our survey team is led by qualified engineers and surveyors who appreciate the big picture and are ideally placed to model, interpret and report on the captured site data.

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