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Raife Crookes

Ground Modelling & Aerial Survey Manager

Joining T&P Regen in 2015, Raife is responsible for the inception of, further development and day-to-day outputs of the 3D Modelling and Aerial Surveying (3MAS) department launched in April 2017.

Raife grew up in Cornwall, before moving to study Resource & Applied Geology at the University of Birmingham.

Joining T&P as an AutoCAD technician, Raife quickly stepped into the role of Assistant Geo-Environmental Engineer leading ground investigations and presenting the information collected in the field to clients as interpretative reports and CAD drawings in 2D form, as industry tradition dictates. However, through the monitoring and trialling of the latest technologies it has become his passion to update current industry practices, to improve client cost control and design capabilities in the sector by presenting 3D data in its native 3D form. Leading to his current role as Ground Modelling and Aerial Survey Manager.

Outside of work, Raife enjoys bouldering/climbing, film and snowboarding.

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