Raife Crookes

Ground Modelling & Aerial Survey Manager

As T&P Regen’s trained and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) certified Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot, Raife has combined his passion for drone use, CAD experience and background as a trained geologist to drive forward our latest company services.

Raife’s previous experience within T&P Regen as a Technician and then progressing to Assistant Geo-Environmental Engineer has seen him presenting intricate 3D information collected in the field to clients as interpretative reports and CAD drawings in 2D form as industry tradition dictates.  However through the monitoring and trialling of the latest technologies it has become his passion to update current industry practices, to improve client cost control and design capabilities in the sector by presenting 3D data in its native 3D form.

After graduating his Resource and Applied Geology course at the University of Birmingham in 2013, Raife spent time travelling in Australia and Asia, later joining T&P Regen in 2015.

Outside of work Raife enjoys film, travelling and the building and racing of FirstPersonView (FPV) Quadcopters.

Please contact me:  [email protected]

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