Vision and Values

Company Vision:

“T&P Regen is striving to be the best company which our clients, suppliers and subcontractors have ever worked with and the best company our staff members have ever worked in.”

Company Values

T&P Regen is founded upon a set of four core values: Teamwork, Fairness, Passion and Quality.  These are a set of enduring  principles that support, guide and inform decision making throughout the business.

Teamwork: “To recognise that teamwork can achieve more powerful results than the sum of individual efforts in delivering to clients and supporting one another” 

Fairness: “To exist in a work place which is fair to people and the environment where healthy, positive growth can be sustained” 

Passion: “The desire and will to step outside of your comfort zone to achieve the things you doubted were possible!”

Quality: “To genuinely care about the standard of work undertaken and seek to constantly maintain and improve it over time. Always remember to put yourself in your client’s shoes.” 

Mission Statement

T&P Regen: “Striving to be the best Geo-Environmental business you have ever worked with!”

Modern Slavery Act 2015

It is the policy of T&P Regen that the business and all companies subcontracted to it are compliant with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.